Speed racer; wine taster

Spend the morning satiating your need-for-speed at Otago’s internationally acclaimed Highlands Motorsports Park. Start the morning with high-performance Go-Karts – nothing beats the excitement of feeling the wind in your face, battling G-forces around the corners, beating other drivers & the sheer thrill as you skim across the race track at high speed in these top of the range petrol go-karts.

Next, jump into the best Taxi ride of your life – a luxury performance vehicle, such as a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Reach speeds of up to 180kmp, as a professional driver shows you what these cars are really capable of.

Then it’s time for Blind Fold Dirt Buggies. It is all about skill not speed, as drivers are blindfolded and their co-pilot passenger navigates them around the dirt track, over obstacles and around tight bends. Entertaining, hilarious and fabulous for putting your trust in your co-pilot.

Enjoy lunch nearby at the sumptuous Wild Earth, where retired French oak Pinot Noir wine barrels are used to steam, bake, grill and smoke a delicious array of regional foods on the spot.

As you travel back to Queenstown through wine country, we’ll stop on the way for tastings at some of the regions finest wineries. Well, it would be rude not to pop in!  Learn first hand how the area produces such exceptional wine, and of course take a few bottles home with you.

Speed Racer; Wine taster